Service Charge

At BabaBoom, we believe all tipping should be open and fair – so that you our generous customers & our hardworking team know where the money is going.


On your bill you’ll find an optional 12.5% service charge.  It’s optional because we only want you to pay it when we deserve it (if we don’t then do tell the team and they will remove straight away). 

ALL service charge proceeds are transferred to our TRONC fund.

100% of this TRONC fund goes to our team, we don’t deduct for credit/debit card fees, nor do we deduct the money we pay to run the scheme.  We know that some companies take up to 25% of the fund as an “admin” charge or even deduct for breakages.  That’s not something we do.  Admin’s part of running a business and everyone’s dropped a tray of glasses in their time (Eve especially!). 

As a company, we pay all team members the UK national living wage. The TRONC fund fortnightly payments are over and above this and reward individual effort, skill level and responsibility. All team members benefit from the fund. We believe this is important as everyone contributes to the BabaBoom experience – even if they’re washing dishes and you can’t see them. 

If you choose to pay an additional tip over and above the service charge amount, the team member who you give it to has total discretion to decide what they do with it, again we make no deductions at all.

The TRONC is a regulated scheme, run under HMRC rules – you can read more about it here. We have an independent Troncmaster who runs the scheme so it is entirely separate from us (Travis, Jono & Eve) the owners and directors.  Even if we happen to be waiting your table, we will never take any share ourselves from the service charge – from Day 1 it’s always gone straight to team and it always will. 

The Troncmaster produces a quarterly bulletin so that all team members can see who has been paid what to ensure total transparency.  At the same time, any surplus amounts in the fund are paid out as quarterly bonuses to reward loyalty.  These are shared equally between the team on a straight hours worked basis.